Gallwey Prize

Gallwey Prize: IES Award for Excellence

Aim: To encourage and reward excellence in Ergonomics knowledge.

For: The best Masters Thesis in Ergonomics in a taught Masters course in Ireland.

- It must be at First Class Honours standard – otherwise it is not awarded;
- It must not be awarded on the basis of whose “turn” it is;
- It must be completed during the relevant calendar year;
- It must have passed all stages of the Academic Council or equivalent body.

Form: Marble tablet.

Front: IES logo and "Irish Ergonomics Society".

Adjudication: By a sub-committee of the Irish Ergonomics Society where:
- Ergonomics academics are in the majority;
- These academics are from more than one academic institution;
- There is at least one non-academic member.

- Improvement of work situations comes mainly from applying Ergonomics in the field;
- Taught Masters courses are the main route for entry into professional work of this kind;
- Research degrees are aimed mainly at Research and Academia.