FEES: The Federation of European Ergonomics Societies

The IES is a member of FEES, the Federation of the European Ergonomics Societies that was founded in May 2003. Its mission is to enhance the recognition of ergonomics contributing to economic development, to quality of life, to health and safety at work, and to social progress in European Countries.


FEES supports - under the umbrella of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) - the development of ergonomics issues specifically related with the European region by:

  • enhancing mutual communication between various European ergonomics societies,
  • encouraging and facilitating contact and exchanges between ergonomists (educators, researchers and/or practitioners),
  • organising and running European conferences about evolving ergonomics.

Other objectives are concerned with

  • enabling the good establishment of ergonomics in EU policy and programmes,
  • assisting in the access to EU resources and facilities for ergonomics, and
  • stimulating networking in the widest sense for ergonomics.


FEES has initiated various activities, such as:

  • The establishment of a working group (Brussels Task Force) to invent of ergonomic activity-centres throughout Europe in order to know 'who is doing what and where'.
  • The dissemination of information about various facilities by the European Union for the FEES-members.
  • The preparation of this website to facilitate cooperation and information-exchange between members and to communicate externally.
  • The organisation of FEES-sessions on actual European topics at the annual national conferences in the various countries.
  • The publication of promotional material.

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