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CREE: Centre for Registration of European Ergonomists (EurErg)


CREE publications and related documentation

The Position and Success of Certified European Ergonomists, Breedveld and Dul, 2005 (download)


Overview of CREE

The Irish Ergonomics Society processes Irish applications to become CREE accredited European Ergonomists (EurErg). European Ergonomists are professional ergonomists who have a knowledge of the principles of ergonomics and of the relevant human characteristics in each of the areas of:

  • Anatomy;

  • Physiology;

  • Psychology;

  • Social organisation;¬†

  • Physical environment.


Applicants for this qualification must also demonstrate knowledge in at least three specialist areas of application. It also requires evidence that the candidate is able to use statistics, experimental designs, equipment and methods to investigate, modify or design situations and equipment for ergonomic benefits.


All successful applicants must have demonstrated experience in taking full responsibility for the use and application of ergonomics knowledge and methods in practical situations over a period of at least two years beyond their main ergonomics education and training.


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For further information contact the IES CREE representative:

Ms. Bridget Masterson

5 Griffen Glen Drive


Co. Dublin


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